Van Maele Weavers also offers a stock collection, named “Terre d’Origine” (TdO), which is reserved for our “Private Label” customers, with a minimum of 5m.
All items are available from stock, and delivered within 48h.

TdO – “One” :  One very high quality in 100% Linen for upholstery (and heavy
curtains), in various colors.
TdO – “Basics” :  Various fabrics for sheers, drapes and upholstery in natural or white. Our bestsellers of last 30 years.
TdO – “Classics” :  Collection to decorate a whole home (sheers, drapes, upholstery and paperbacked fabrics for wall-covering).
Contains Natural, white and a limited number of colors
TdO – “Wall-covering” :  Mainly linens, silks and horse-hair fabrics, paper-backed, in natural colors.

Van Maele Weavers

I am happy to announce that on July 16, 2015, “OJ Van Maele” successfully emerged from a long judicial procedure, recapitalized, reorganized, and renewed. This was made possible thanks to the help of an American investment group made up of design industry leaders who firmly believe, first and foremost, in the “OJ Van Maele” organization, in the value and importance of luxury weaving, and in the heritage of how we do it.

With their help and support, the new “Van Maele Weavers” is pleased to begin an era based on the same principals as those “OJ Van Maele,” started with in 1906, coupled with renewed financial strength, stability, innovation and creativity.

Van Maele Weavers remains a fully integrated producer of high-end fabrics for home-furnishing: upholstery, curtains, sheers, and wall-coverings, with world-wide exports. Linen represents the majority of the production, combined with natural or novelty yarns such as raffia, horsehair, and abaca, which give the collection a refined, sophisticated look. Timeless classic designs are woven on dobby looms and proposed in beautiful colors and finishes.

Quality has been a long-standing priority of the OJ Van Maele organization, and the new Van Maele Weavers will continue to provide the same full array of high-quality products and services. We will improve and expand upon the organization's current offering—weaving, dyeing and finishing—to provide a level of products and services unrivaled in the marketplace. If you have any questions regarding our products or services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We want to thank all of you who were there for us during the dark times and want you to know that we deeply appreciate your past support and look forward to a bright future, prosperity, and our continued working relationship.

Carl Holcomb
July 16, 2015